Fiday Gestion has always been concerned about the environment protection. This is the reason why we are commited to get the ISO 14001 certification for 2010.

     Fiday Gestion is a listed company by the local Authorities as far as environment is concerned. During 2008, the running authorization has been amended thanks to our last 12 years recordings and analysis regarding our operations and impact study. We have then updated our long term action plans of our environment enhancement policy. On the 22nd/01/2009, we have obtained in parallel a new licence to operate as far as all our activities are concerned.

     Within our last training program, more than 3000 hours have been dedicated to train all our workstaff on environment issues.

     We are as well part of the European "DIOFUR" project conducted by two R&D centers - CTIF and INASMET - to study how to sharply decrease emission of dioxins in foundries.

     Our team actively works on a waste management policy with the valorization of the by-products and the foundry sand regeneration.

     Within the last 3 years, several millions Euros have been invested to protect the environment and to improve the working conditions of operators. This includes, among all, a new 110 000 Nm3/h baghouse filter system for our molding shop.

Management commitment.