On top of an unquestionable know-how in metallurgy and casting, Fiday Gestion is also recognized for its machining abilities; This provides to our customers a compliant answer in accordance with their expectations. Here are some facts and figures regarding our production facilities:

  • Our foundry is organised around a fully automatic horizontal green sand moulding line (230 moulds/hour, with 750x750mm 320/320 chassis). This line is supplied either with a hot wind cupola (replaced in 2009 for an increased capacity) combined with a 75 Tons holding furnace or with a 13 Tons electric melting furnace. A core workshop and a fettling line are fully integrated with these equipments. All the materials foundry flows are optimised thanks to installations built in line with a clear layout.
  • Our machining shop consists of a large number of multispindle vertical lathes and single spindle (horizontal or vertical) lathes, all fitted with computer numerical controls (CNC). CNC drilling centers as well as multi-spindles drilling machines come in addition. This plant is clearly organised in several cells to provide to our customers an optimised solution irrespective of each of their references batch size. The annual production capacity of our machining workshop is in excess of 1 000 000 pieces.
  • We are also equipped with painting facilities as well as rust preventive protection lines for our parts.

     Major investments are implemented every year to keep our equipments state-of-the-art and to increase our capacities.


     Our generalist and metallurgical engineers teams ensure our industrial performances and work together with our customers during the product development stages.