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An actor in technical innovation

Excellence in promoting the environment and safety

We know that the future is built from the respect of the environment and nature, that's why, certified ISO 14001, Fiday Gestion makes it a point of honor to use a maximum of recycled materials (besides our parts are entirely recyclable).

The Innovative Eco-Technology prize was awarded for our worldwide patent named B'R which consists in recycling used batteries in order to valorize all of them.


A complete Technological Offer whatever your needs are!

Fiday Gestion has developed a technology in the Lost Foam lamellar gray cast iron, a process in which from a model in expanded polystyrene of the part will be coated. Then, a dry and fluid sand will be injected and vibrated, which will allow to keep the model in place before the casting of the iron which will take the place of the polystyrene.